About Us

Look at the city. The streets are crowded with men of one single design. They hurry to the places where they work or are schooled. They leave their houses and join the traffic, get on the subway and gather together, while looking actually in the same way, that is, looking as nobody. There is nothing to say about their souls, their distinct personalities being dissolved in the ocean of everyday business in which they are forced to swim, and their bodies treated as cogs in a machine directed from above. In the eyes of the rulers of this world, they have just one face. But real men always want to speak for themselves and defend what they choose to believe. They must have their true faces put forward and wear the apparel that make them look different from cowards, and bores, and poseurs, and all those nerds around.

Now the ancient warriors are coming. There is darkness and brightness again. There are signs of rebellion against the uniformity imposed upon this world. These are men of character having no fear to be reproached, no fear to free themselves from the tyranny of their masters’ steady looks, no fear to oppose mediocrity born out of the modern desire for a homogenous society. In short, they fear no attack. And who should be scared of them is another question.

NO ATTACK is a new European brand created from the scratch by a group of independent young designers from Poland. We look for our inspiration in past civilizations like that of Ancient Egypt with her mysterious symbols left on the desert. We are also impressed by those currents in present-day culture that make for the change in our common attitude towards life goals and values. There are good reasons not to be satisfied with men’s styles they require us to take in the city. The time has come for something new to wear for the real men who cannot wait. At the same time, we can derive our strength from the past that reminds us of the world manned with heroes. After all, the war is not over.

Real men fear no attack.